On the 28th of March 2010, the Different Strokes was awarded ‘Club of the Year’ by Dragon Boats NSW.

A few words from Club President, Nigel Bedford:

Different Stroke(r)s

Those 42 of us who raced to today had an AWESOME day at the State Championships.  OK, so we didn’t win anything, but we were seriously competitive.  And, we fielded our first ever women’s team!  And four teams for the first time!  My heartiest congratulations to all who competed; you gave your all and no one can ever ask for more.
The surprise news for today was that DBNSW awarded our Club its ‘Club of the Year‘ award!  To hear our Club‘s name singled out at the awards ceremony, to hear other people’s views of what we have achieved being conveyed to over a thousand people, brought up the goose bumps! The reception we got from that crowd when we collected the trophy was one I will long remember.  Long also should you bask in the glory as well.  The club was singled out for its huge growth (from 10 people last September to over 60 today), its willingness to contribute volunteers to assist the running of regattas, its friendliness, its progress, and, not least, its competitive spirit.  We were told that the decision by the Board of DBNSW to make the award to us was unanimous and reached in record time.  This is EXTRAORDINARY stuff but reflects everything you do every time you involve yourself in a Club activity – WELL DONE to everyone.
Paddles up!

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