Wow – what an amazing start to the season!

To our sweeps, you are to be congratulated! Wet and windy conditions put all sweeps to the test on the weekend and you excelled. Your professionalism on the course was acknowledged publicly by other clubs. In addition, you were busy multi tasking between paddler and sweep, great work guys. And on behalf of everyone… thank you!

To our team captains, thanks for keeping your crews on track, ready to race, warmed up and at the marshalling as required. With 25 people and 5 crews we had a busy day of racing, management on land is as important as race execution so big thanks!

Paddlers, what can I say! We set an objective to go out there and execute our race plan, give 100% commitment and focus, and have some fun! Congratulations on achieving all three!

Our opens crews put some great racing on the water with the Scimitars consistently placing 3rd all day and Sabres holding strong with essentially a mixed crew. Thanks and congrats to our girls who backed up to help get our boys on the water on Sunday.

In the mixed category, Tonic set the tone in the first race of the day controlling the nerves and adrenalin to execute a solid race. A good transition into the mid phase and strong finish secured 2nd place. Strong racing all day by both crews and some good key take outs for us to focus on over the next few months.

Girls, girls, girls… we started the day with a pledge to execute our race plan and give 100%… and the results would be what they would be. Wow!! What a result. You executed both races with controlled aggression. A strong finish in both heats was needed to secure 1st place and you delivered on both occasions. Congratulations on winning the Premier Womens Category! I believe this is a first for the club!!

Overall, a solid days racing which has set us up well for the next few months of training. Time on the water is key for us to continue developing through the season. Please do what you can to make both sessions every week. This is just the start of our journey…

Last but not least, thanks to all our supporters who were there on the day.

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