Congratulations to our state team members

A number of our club members have made it to the NSW State Team!

Congratulations to Anna, Alison C, Bruce, Lawrence, Mat, Matthew, Ray and Will. What a fantastic effort! A few other people trialled and just missed out, but speaking with them today they have plans to try again next year. So well done all: I am very proud of all of you!

As the folk mentioned above start their new adventure as members of the State team, it is a good time for all of us to start thinking about the regattas ahead of us for the rest of this season. These regattas will culminate in the Australian Club Championships that start on the day after the State vs State championships in Melbourne.

Tan mentioned today at training that from here on in we will be expecting that all club members will be attending every regatta unless they advise otherwise. I realise that the Australian Club Championships is a big commitment however, so the Committee is working on getting as much information together as possible to help you plan/consider. We will be sending this out over the next few weeks so watch out for it.

Have a good weekend everyone and see on Tuesday night for our first Tuesday session.

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