End of season award winners

Different Strokes celebrated the end of season last weekend. What a great season it was…

Here’s a recap of our Award winners:

  • Volunteer awards: Joan Gennery, Robert Daly, Al Hughan and Sam Dermody
  • Female Club member of the Year: Cat Anderson
  • Male Club member of the Year: Joel Alfonso and Tom Fitzpatrick (tied vote)
  • President’s Award: Rodney Moore
  • Rookie of the Year: Mark Jones
  • Most Improved Paddler: Jane White
  • Best Female Paddler: Eleanor Keller
  • Best Male Paddler: David Lai
  • Golden Paddle award: Melinda George

A shout out to our Auroras for 2015:

  • Anna Montgomery
  • Kay Wills
  • Moira Hamilton
  • Susan Berry
  • Eleanor Keller
  • Cat Anderson – sweep
  • Tan White – coach
  • Di Dugar – manager

Congratulations to all winners.

Winter training continues on Saturday mornings 7.45. See you there.


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