Another Race done and dusted! All those trainings with anchors/pyramids/goNows/giveMeMores, fitness test (for some, the day before) of push ups ah/pull ups of please let me reach that bar/sit ups of those are my abs?!?/beep test of come on just one more time across that line and extracurricular sessions at the gym(pokemon+real one)/outside taking selfies have shown at this season’s first 500m Race Day.

And to announce the results!  Drum roll please…

  • Masters Women – GOLD
  • Premier Women – SILVER

and the club history breaking moments in the 500m category

  • Masters Mixed – GOLD
  • Premier Mixed – BRONZE

It was like an Oprah giveaway show for our Different Strokes paddlers, “So look under your seats folks, YOU GET A MEDAL and YOU GET A MEDAL and EVERYBODY GETS A MEDAL!”

Congratulations to all the paddlers who participated in the regatta!

Thank you to the Coaches Anna Cat Tan and Victor!!!

And to our lovely volunteers!!! Sarah Joan Brigette!!! We couldn’t do what we do without you XOXO

A special shout out to the Opens Crew that fielded or in this case watered a full crew of fellas, YEAH! 22 to be exact.  They didn’t make it to the finals (Race draws… say what?!?), but they did finish both heats with the 6th Fastest Time.  Forwards and Upwards Gents!

And now for some select shots from the day, here are the men, calendar coming soon 🙂


And there they are the Men of Different Strokes in their stylish white with Rainbow flares in the thick of the race keeping pace with some of the strongest Opens Crews, PDs in Orange, ACCA in Red and Sloths in Purple. Be the rainbow, taste the rainbow… not sponsored by the lolly company.


And the womens in the Prem battles


And again, “Who run the world” Yeah!


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