Cloudy, rainy and cold… it’s a great way to start off your Dragon Boat journey.

It was not necessarily the ideal weather for an Open Day, but that seems to make it a pretty normal Open Day.  Great to see people come out to give it a go despite the weather!  You all were amazing grappling with the 3 T’s as the coaching team went over them during the session.  Timing Technique and Teamwork.

We had three boats go out, mixed with those trying it for the first time and our club members.  There were also members from Bentstix trying out the sport for the first time.  Good to see other LGBT sports clubs come out for a paddle.

If you and your club want to give it a go, email

There will be the Novice Program that runs for the next three Saturdays.  We highly recommend that you sign up whether you were at Open Day or not.  Contact for more information or check our Facebook page.

A bit Thank You to our Coaching Team, Cat Victor and Tan!

And to the Board and volunteer club members and family and pets who were able to attend and give a hand on and off the water, THANK YOU!

Here are the Eat Paddle Chat – Open Day pics on the water.


And the pics off the water.


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