New to dragon boat paddling? Come along to a training session and see what dragon boating is like! You can come along to five sessions for free to see if it’s something you like before deciding to join the club.

Keen to get to know new people? Meet the team and make some friends.


Along with our competitive spirit, we have a very social atmosphere both during and after the season closes.  As the club has grown, people have formed life long friendships on and off the boat.


Thirsty for some trophies?  Compete and achieve with us.


We are a successful competitive team. We compete at regattas locally, nationally and internationally. We are very proud to fly the rainbow colours, as we are to win medals and trophies at regattas.

Looking to get more fit?  Improve your Fitness.


Get fit away from the gym. Work with our coaches to develop your fitness goals, and how to achieve them. Even as a team that paddles together, we know each individual is unique and will have their own personal goals.

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