Joining or renewing your membership

Membership to Different Strokes is now open for anyone 16 years of age and over!

Five mostly easy steps to join our Club.

Step 1 –  Register and Pay Membership Fees for both Different Strokes and Dragon Boat New South Wales.

You do this through our membership system called Revoluntionise. Just click REGISTER, fill in your details and finalise it by paying the invoice via bank transfer or with your credit/debit card details.

Step 2 – Complete Play by the Rules: Harassment & Discrimination Module. You do this through the Play by the Rules learning portal.  Once completed, please send your certificate to  We want to ensure the club is a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone.

Step 3 – Sign Communication Policy.  Simply print DS Communication Policy, read, and sign.  Then scan and send back to  Gives you an idea of what forms of communication to expect from the Board and the club’s members.

Step 4 – Fill in the Medical Questionnaire.  Simply print out Medical Questionnaire, read, and sign.  Then scan and send back to  Let’s the coaches and Board know if there is anything to be aware of when it comes to your participation in the club’s activities.

Step 5 – Come to Training and have fun!  The Board of Different Strokes will officially welcome you to the club once your membership has been finalised (completed Steps 1-4).  From there you’re ready to train with us when you can.  There are no set requirements in attending, but the more trainings you attend the better your 3 T’s will be (Timing, Technique and Teamwork).  You’ll also be better placed in race crews at Regattas.  You’ll also be approved to join our Members only Facebook page where you’ll find an easy way to speak to the rest of the club on the site.  Listen out for announcements at trainings as well as read your emails.  We’re always having something on…